Unlocking Policy: StraightTalk Wireless

TracFone Wireless, Inc. Unlocking Policy
If you bought a new wireless phone from TracFone Wireless, Inc. (“TracFone”), including any new TracFone, NET10, Straight Talk or Telcel America branded wireless phone (“device”), it may have been programmed with a lock that prevents it from operating with other compatible wireless services. TracFone will facilitate unlocking your device upon request provided that you have met the requirements set forth below:
General Eligibility Requirements for Unlocking TracFone Mobile Devices
TracFone will facilitate the unlocking of a TracFone device under the following circumstances:

  • The person requesting the unlock must be one of the following:
    • a current TracFone customer who provides the IMEI/MEID serial number of the device
    • a former TracFone customer who provides the IMEI/MEID serial number of the device
  • The TracFone device was first introduced for sale on or after January 1, 2014.
  • The TracFone device has been in service for at least 12 months with paid, verifiable airtime.
  • The TracFone device has not been reported lost or stolen.
  • The TracFone device is deemed by TracFone to be capable of being unlocked.

Important Information about Device Unlocking
Whether an unlocked TracFone device can be used on another carrier’s network is subject to that carrier’s policies and network compatibilities. Even if a different carrier will activate a TracFone device on its network, there are no guarantees that a TracFone device will perform on another carrier’s network or that any or all device features or functionalities will be fully or partially operational. It is solely your responsibility to determine the device’s compatibility on another carrier’s network prior to unlocking the device. On certain devices, not all functionality may be unlocked. By submitting a request to unlock a device, you waive any remaining warranty on the device and you assume full responsibility for the device’s functionality and performance on any network. By submitting a request to unlock a device, you release TracFone and the device manufacturer from any and all liability associated with the device, the unlocking of the device and the device’s performance and you acknowledge that you have no claim or remedy against TracFone or the device manufacturer, for any reason.    
TracFone reserves the right to deny any unlock request that it concludes would result in an abuse of this policy or is part of an effort to defraud TracFone or its customers, or is intended to further any unlawful or illegal activity, or poses a threat to public safety or national security. TracFone further reserves the right to alter this unlocking policy at its discretion without advance notice. TracFone’s most current unlocking policy will be posted on its website.